Monday Morning Fantasy Quarterback

Week 1 is almost over and we have several matchups that can come down to the wire tonight…

Looking out east,  Team Schlitze brings a commanding 91-68 lead into Monday night.  Schlitz has Torrey Smith going tonight vs Sam Bradford and Julio Jones for the Buzz Buckets.  The oddsmakers say the Buckets are gonna pull it out in a close game.

Staying in the east CRB is up 106-88 on Team Lil’ Niglet, but CRB has no one left to play.   Niglet has Carlos Hyde for SF tonight and needs to make up 19 points to upset the reigning Champion.  Oddmakers say CRB will hold on in this one, but its not over yet.

Heaing to the West Coast,

Always Runny has a 108- 76 lead over Two Street, but like CRB, is watching the action from the sideline.   The Potheads need 32 points but have several big names taking the field.  In the early game, they have DeMarco Murray and Jordan Matthews.   In the late game, the Potheads will celebrate the return Adrian Peterson.  The oddmakers say Two Street has a slight advantage after tonight.

Finally,  in the Pillow Fight of the week, Larz Starz has a commanding 80-58 point lead on Muscle Pup.  Both teams left QB points on the bench this week.  Muscle Pup has Cody Parkey tonight, while the Starz have Nelson Agholor making his NFL debut   The oddmakers predict Larz Starz hold on and have the largest margin of victory this week.


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