Week 1 Recap

We had an exciting week 1,   3 of the matchups were still up in the air as of Monday night and one of them came down to the wire.


Team lil’ Niglet stormed back Monday night and convincingly upset CRB.  Lil Niglet is looking to make the playoffs for the first time and is off on the right foot riding the performance of Carlos Hyde.  As Defending Champ CRB is looking to regroup heading in to week 2, he will need someone other than Gronk to step up and make some plays.

The Buzz Buckets completed their Monday night comback over Team Schlitze with a strong performance from Julio Jones and continued their regular season excellence.  Schlitze has some injury concerns heading in to week 2 with Dez Bryant being out for a significant amount of time.

Always Runny held off the Two Street Potheads as the Potheads couldn’t get enough out of their backfield.  AP had a particularly disappointing week.  Always Runny was more like always passy this week, winning on the fragile arm of Carson Palmer.  The Potheads are going to need to get more out of their running backs to avoid another last place finish.

In the pillow fight of the week, Larz Starz won an ugly matchup with Muscle Pup.  The Starz were able to overcome an early injury to Desean Jackson and disappearing acts from Agholor and Calvin Johnson.    Muscle Pup got little or no help from any position, and an especially disappointing performance by Peyton Manning.   Will Pup continue to test the waters with Peyton?  We wont have long to find out, as the Broncos play on Thursday night.


Week 2 Preview will be posted tomorrow afternoon before the game.


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