Monday Morning Fantasy Quarterback

Week 2 is almost over and there was a ton of QB injuries this week that could greatly affect the Kappler Bowl race.

Lets take a look at where we are heading in to Monday night… starting out East…

Lil Niglet has a 9 point lead of Schlitze, but Schlitze has Luck and Moncrief going for the Colts tonight.  Unless Luck has a career worst performance or goes down early, Schlitze should be able to pull this one out.  Niglet is done for the week, and in shades of Niglets past, finishing with a dismal 58 points in our Pillow Fight of the Week.

CRB has a commanding 34 point lead over the Buzz Buckets.  CRB finishes the week with 101 points.   The Buckets has Adam Vinatieri going tonight.  Needing about 10 field goals to win this week, its a safe bet that CRB is going to win this one bring the entire Eastern division into a 1-1 tie.

Out west, The Potheads have defeated Muscle Pup by 22.  We will have a more indepth look at our game of the week in the weekly review tomrorow.

Finally,  Always runny looks in position to best Larz Starz and move into first place in the league at 2-0.  Always Runny currently trails the Starz by 1 point put will make the point off upon kickoff when the Jets defense gets the 10 points to start the game.  Always Runny also has Chris Ivory going tonight and should easily be able to pick up the point.  Ivory is listed as Questionable but is expected to play.  The Starz only hope is Ivory doesnt dress and Andrew Luck destroys the Jets defense.

Full Review tomorrow


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